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This deck lived in Oxmoor Woods and was in terrible shape.  We couldn't save it!  We tore out all of the old decking board, shored up the framework and replaced the decking with Choicedeck composite decking.  The trim is a dark grey. The rest of the decking is a light grey.  We also replaced the 6' privacy fence, cleaned and stained it.

This deck is in Buckner.  We were only able to keep a small portion of the existing deck.  Essentially, we enlarged the deck, moved the stairs and added a landing to them, changed the railing style and replaced the wooden spindles with black aluminum ones.  We then stained all of the wood.    

I built this deck in LaGrange, Ky about 3 years prior.  The owner knew at that time that she wanted to eventually screen and roof it.  So, we built the deck and left the posts high enough to come back and add the roof and screening.  We also enclosed the underside and added the guttering.

This deck was a neighbor to the first one in Oxmoor Woods.  It was redwood that had been painted numerous times.  There was no saving it either.  There was substantial rot...We were able to keep some of the framework, installed composite Choicedeck decking and a custom railing style with a darker grey composite Trex and wooden ballusters which we stained a dark grey to match.

This pergola lives off of Brownsboro Rd.  I have done several projects for these folks. They had an existing deck, so we built the pergola over it for shade and cut the contour of the pergola to match the contour of the deck. 

Various Other Projects:

         Nick Hunter Jeffersonville, IN 2021
Patricia Bernens Bloomington, IN 2021
                     Bernens #2 2021
     Robert Schroeder Columbus, IN 2021

Marguerite Stearns New Albany, IN 2021
     Nick Hunter Jeffersonville, IN 2019
      Nick Hunter Jeffersonville, IN 2019
                      Teresa Kruse Lou, KY 2020
        Clayton Stark Charlestown, IN 2019
                        Mary Nelson Lou, KY 2019
                         Judith Miner Lou, KY 2015
Miner #2 2015
              Nancy Stickler Ramsey, IN 2019
              Tom Garvin New Albany, IN 2019
Sara/Chris Walker New Albany, IN 2019
                                          Walker #2 2020
Jason Larch Lou, KY 2011
                          Lisa Kolb  Lou, KY   2018
                 Robert Weekly   Lou, KY  2018
            Penny/Pete Miller Lou, KY   2018
                Penny/Pete Miller Lou, KY 2019
     BJ New Albany, IN 2018
          Tom Williams Floyd Knobs, IN 2018
Williams #2 2018
Mark Slafkes Lou, KY 2014
 Charles Johnson Lou, KY 2014
        Kayla Renteria New Albany, IN 2020
       Ann Osterhoudt Sellersburg, IN 2019
Shirley Zumstein Floyds Knobs, IN 2019
                        Betsy Greer Lou, KY 2020
    Mrs Hamilton  Lou, KY 2010
Mrs. Dende Lou, KY 2007
Mr. Crawford Lou, KY 2013
Brad Becherer before New Albany, IN 2022
                                  Becherer after  2022
Desmond Pritchard aluminum fence New Albany, IN 2022

               Renee/Joe Cooper 
               New Albany, IN 2022
   Cooper #2
   And Stanley!
                        Cooper #3
                          Cooper #4
                            Cooper #5
       Maria Ragains Georgetown, IN 2022
         Diane Capece Memphis, IN 2022
Joe and Regina Phillips New Albany, IN 2022
Tracy and Larry White Sellersburg, IN 2022
Amy and Jon Halvorson Louisville, KY 2022
Sprecher's Automotive
Georgetown, IN
        Sprecher's #2

Sprecher's #3
          Sprecher's #3
     Tracy Evans before Lou, KY 2022
              Tracy Evans after Lou, KY 2022
Bill Campbell before Lou KY 2022
Bill Campbell after Lou KY 2022
Brent Williams before Sellersburg, IN 2022
Brent Williams after Sellersburg, IN 2022
Todd and Samantha Elbert  before Georgetown, IN 2022
                                                          Elbert before #2
Todd and Samantha Elbert after Georgetown, IN 2022
             Elbert during rebuild Georgetown, IN 2022
             Chris and Mark Leahy before Lou, KY 2023
Leahy after Lou, KY 2023
                Leahy 2nd project before Lou, KY 2023
Leahy 2nd project after Lou, KY 2023
​           Mike Dunigan New Albany, IN 2023

Kate and Greg Caufield New Albanym IN 2023

Trex Saddle decking with hidden fasteners and aluminum ballisters
Caufileld #2
        Robert Landram  New Albany, IN 2023

      Montessori Field School Yurt Platform  Mt St Francis, IN  2023
             Montessori Field School #2 SIPS Panels installed 2023
Amy Klarer  Charlestown, IN 2024