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Here is a partial list of references of both residential and commercial customers that I have had the pleasure of working with since April of 2000.

Angie's List References:

"The work was done fantastically. David used just two photo's to draw up quick plans for a pergola.  We made several changes during construction and  each time David was easy to work with and reasonable in the minor changes and time it took to get the work done. We have been extremely pleased with his service and responsiveness, especially when compared to other contractors." Tom Burress 6/2010 Lou, KY

"I was impressed with David from the very first when he arrived to scope out the project. He was on time and provided me with his insurance information, showed photos of his work and was very courteous. He came by several times before I even hired him, to take measurements and color matches. He was very thorough and offered suggestions on how to minimize my cost while achieving the results I desired. That raised my comfort level considerably, as this was a challenging project (cleaning and staining a cabin). David provided me with a professional estimate with a time table for the job. He was head and shoulders above the other bidders and was awarded the job. I am very happy with the results. David was on time and his bill came in at the mid-range of his estimate. It was quite reasonable, considering the scope of the project.. There were a couple of unexpected problems, which David handled capably and professionally, without affecting the timing or the cost. He was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with; I will definitely hire him again!" Ruthanne Wolf 10/2011 New Albany, IN

"David estimated and was awarded the building of an elaborate boardwalk and 2 different styles of fences, however that was just the beginning plan for the job! Once they arrived exactly when David said they would, I started asking, what about fixing this and what about fixing that etc, etc? By the time they were done (and still within the original estimated cost range) I had a new gate, two interior doors that now work, an old problem with my deck that had needed repairs for years, two gates fixed that hadn’t worked in forever as well as the new fences and boardwalk. David checked with me many times to make sure that the work was looking/going/adjusting the way I wanted, as it proceeded. David and Matt are THE VERY BEST!! I can’t say enough good about them and their work!" Judith Miner 8/3/2015 Lou, Ky

"Excellent! David is courteous and kept me informed of his timetable throughout the project.
He even suggested updates to the fence installation that saved over $1000. David instilled
confidence and went over and above throughout the entire process."  Julie Brooks 11/2017 Lou, KY

"He kept me updated, arrived when he said, took accurate measurements, and listened to what I wanted. He kept me apprised of his schedule as the project took more than two weeks. When I had a concern, he addressed it. The fence was on a level grade, so it wasn't a challenge, and he did quality work using pre-fab panels. A little trial and error were involved with getting the type of latch and gate I wanted, but he did not give up until I was satisfied." Donald Connerly 11/2018 Jeffersonville, IN


Allbright, Gene 1318 E. Pkwy                                                                                          
Allen 12226 Brookgreen Dr. 
Dr.Altman 1632 Dunbarton Wynde
Anankar 3715 Fringe Tree Pl.
Anderson, Kevin 1113 Garden Creek Crcl
Anderson, Steve 4702 Brixham Ct.
Arnette, Michael 1904 Charbdin Pl
Ash 7008 New Bern Ct
Aulenbach 611 Rothbury Ln
Barkers 1103 Lodge Hill Rd
Barnes, Ed 8410 Running Springs Dr.
Barnhart Mt Washington
Barr, Mack 4802 Cassia Ct
Barrett, Curtis 2407 Willowbrook Ct
Bass, Allen 2022 Eastern Pkwy
Bazzy, Richard 6502 Mt Batten Ct
Beckort, Jeff & Anne Borden, IN
Bennett 4304 Saratoga Hill Rd
Benz 15211 Champion Lake Pl.
Bhattacherjee, Vasker 14214 Academy Ridge Blvd.
Bietry 3506 Ridge Top Ct
Blaine, Diana & Steve 1101 MilesView Ct
Blair, Louie Lagrange
Blizzard, Brad 10803 Bardstown Woods Blvd
Boombozz, Tony 334 Frankfort Ave
Bormon, Earl 10710 Hobbs Station Rd
Bradley, Marshall 10708 Hobbs Station Rd
Brewer 518 Willowhurst Pl
Brough, Bill Crestwood,Ky
Bryant, Larry 11100 Brook Stone Ct
Burden, Troy and Mike 1366 So. Third St
Burge 13303 Laurel Ct
Burnn 301 Pepperbush Rd
Byrum, Bonnie 8102 Annella Way
Callahan, Jean 3225 Hunsinger Ln
Case 7403 Colson Dr
Cassidy, Larry 2936 Breckenridge Ln
Chard, Mark 10311 Sterling Springs Dr
Clark, Lois 3205 Alden-dell
Clay, Pat 2612 Titleist Rd
Clifford, Alice 4612 Scott Ct
Coker, Lamont 2503 Paul Crest Ct
Collis 3501 Woodside Rd
Copeland, Becky 1318 E. Pkwy
Cox, Diane Norris Ln
Crawford, Gene 15000 Forest Oaks Dr
Crawford, John Finchville
Crowe, Dale 4604 Deepwood Dr
Curtis 3002 Aspen Wood Way
Curtis, Patty 7936 Cedar Grove Rd
Darst Buckner
Davidson 101 Central Ct
Davis-Hamlin 7318 Orchard Lakes Blvd
Delessio, Rob 7835 Bridlewood Rd. 
Doolin, Steve Rebel Ridge
Drago, Kim 705 Inspiration Way
Epperly, Darren 12206 Hideaway Ct
Erskine, Caroline 513 Cannons Ln
Exner, Jeff 1506 Cadet Ct.
Farnsley, Amy & Cindy 5516 Hempstead Rd
Farnsley, Dallas 2003 Ben Ali Rd
Fisher, Marvin 4300 Creek Bend Dr
Fleischaker, Greg 1106 Bentwood Pl
Flischel, Donna 1060 Cobblestone Crcl. 
Ford 2419 Meadows
Foster, Dr. Price 1631 Dun Barton Wynde
Frazar, Mark 174 William St
Friend, Bonnie 9310 Talitha Rd
Frost, Pam Crestwood, Ky
Funke 212 Elm Ave
Gardner, Charlie Georgetown,Indiana
Geller, David 4130 Brentler Dr
George, Paula 429 Club Ln.
Gibbs, Margaret 2802 Valhalla Ct
Gilbert, Gai l 2216 Talbott Ave
Gimbel, Dave 5604 Harrods Cove
Goldwin 532 Ridgewood Rd
Greanias, Vera 10809 Glenway PL. 
Green, Brent 9316 Felsmere Crcl
Hafele, Trish and Carl 815 Towner Pl.
Hagan, Jim 412 Deerfield Ln
Hamfeldt, Larry 4037 Leland Ave
Hamilton, Kris 1416 Cadet Ct. 
Hammon, Susan 2217 Lowell Ave
Hanks, Marjorie 2817 Milburn Ave
Hardison, Ed 3122 Michael Dr
Harp, Tracy 219 Marshall
Harris 811 Locust Point Ct.
Hart, GJ Goshen, Ky 
Hausladen, Bob 314 Mockingbird Garden Dr.
Hawkins 2643 Kings Hwy
Hayden, Heidi Prospect, KY
Hayworth 6009 Springcrest Dr.
Henry, Beth and Jim Georgetown, IN 
Herrington, Mark and Dina Edwardsville, In
Hertzman 1500 Helmridge Ct
Hinkle, Sharon Corydon, Indiana
Hoeck 809 Arden Rd
Hoeck, Anne 3009 Bunker Hill Rd
Hoeck, John 7505 Pine Shore Dr. Elizabeth, IN 
Hoffman 401 Dorsey Way
Hoffman 2419 Meadows Rd
Holland 12108 Green Valley Dr
Hornback, Betty 12102 Alpine Way
Houser, Don Crandall, Indiana
Huber, Peggy 8706 Augustine Way
Huff, Phil 2309 Mohican Hill Ct
Hunt, Debbie 8313 Westover Rd 
Hunting Creek Country Club Prospect, Ky
Ice, Jim Indiana
Ikram 1809 Marthas Ct
Ingram, Mark 10203 Mary Dell
Irving, Steve 17212 Mallet Hill
Izzi, Bob 1313 Reading Rd. 
J Alexanders Resaurant 102 Oxmoor Ct
Jay, Paula 416 Mockingbird Hill Rd.
Jeanes, Mike 713 Elsmere Crcl
Johnson 14107 Lake Forest Ln
Johnson, Jo 2908 Thistlewood
Johnson, Robert 14701 Forest Creek Way
Jurich, Tom 2501 Champion Lakes Ct
Kaust, Kim 10704 Taylor Farm Ct.
Kayrouz, John 7833 Bridlewood
Kopp, Bob 4100 Plymouth Rd
Koshewa, Angela 2620 Fordyce Ln 
Kozusko 9306 Felsmere Ct
Kraus-Jackson 127 Bonner Ave
Krish 7604 Maria Ave. 
Kubancik, Mark 11403 Saratoga Woods Dr 
Kutz, Dr. and Mrs. 20 Rio Vista Dr
Ky Found. For Women 8221 Wolf Pen Branch
Lane, Bill 3003 Cornerstone Ct
Lavelle, Dr 3817 Deer Lake Crcl
Leanhart Lagrange, Ky
Leech, Cathy 1404 Mockingbird Valley Green 
Lewellyn 15228 Champion Lakes Dr
Lewis, Ellen 5103 Heather Hill Rd
Lieberman, Drs 3500 Constantine Dr
Locke, John 10001 Hwy 42 West
Logan, Robert 6814 WoodHaven Pl
Long, Janet 8715 Raintree Dr
Lott, Bill 510 Lake Forest Pkwy
Louis 5616 Harrods Cove
Louis, Ronnie 8313 Herrington Ct.
Lowe, Linda 10710 English Oak Ct
Lynch 4102 Ledyard
Manby, Pat 6214 Camden Crcl Dr
Mathis, Jim 3807 Spring Willow Ct
McCabe, Jim 9311 Springmont Pl
McCulloch, Laura 1415 Cadet Ct
McDonald, Shawn 10512 Bayport Rd
McIntyre, David 9200 Newbury Ct
Mercer, Derricka 10811 Golden Maple Pl.
Meurer, Lynn 4503 Creek Crossing Dr.
Michaels, Azmy 3005 Cornerstone Ct
Miller, Betty 7660 Central Dr.
Moldenhauer Indiana
Montgomery, Bob 5340 Dixie Hgwy.
Montgomery, Patty 12503 Ledges Dr
Moore, Mike 10408 Long Home Rd
Morrell, Gary 4803 Springdale Ct
Moser Georgetown, IN
Mosier Lanesville, IN
Mosley, Sara 1108 Bentwood
Mount, Georgia Lagrange
Mueller 8005 Sycamore Creek
Murray, Dot 1707 Cheak Ct
Myers, Jim 2007 Bainbridge Row Dr.
Nelson, Bobbi 8100 Speer Ln
Noel, Clyde 10400 Stone School RD 
Nold 1105 Hess Ln.
Oneal, Anna 12003 Rustburg Ct
Opacinch, Janet and Todd 10313 Sterling Springs
Paliszewski, Elaine 9301 Felsmere Circle
Palombino, Tony 12033 River Creek Rd.
Pawlak 511 Sable Wing Circle
Peak 3921 Winchester Rd.
Pierce, Al 4306 Saratoga Hill Rd.
Pilipick 9305 Felsmere Circle
Pusateri 18401 Long Run Rd. 
Puthuff, Denise 2525 George Rodgers Clark Pl.
Ragan, Diana 2343 Village Dr
Ragle, Steve 3413 Hurstbourne Ridge Rd
Rapier, Jim 7006 New Bern Ct.
Razor, Phil 4112 Ledyard Rd
Reber, Robin and Jeff Indiana
Redmon, Bob 9910 Winged Foot Dr
Reynolds, Roger 1509 Sabel Wing Crcl
Rice 12620 Bay Arbor Pl.
Richardson 3811 Deer Lake Circle
Riggs, Brian 7302 Willow Gate Ct.
Riggs, Brian (Rental) 417 Franck Ave.
Ritchie, Joe & Cecilia 3408 Tucker Wood Ln
Rocky, Russ 6115 Regal Springs Dr. 
Rolfingsmeier, Sarah & Jeff 513 Harris Pl
Rollins, Barbara 4100 Riveroaks Ln
Romo, Shirley 1460 St. James Ct.
Roth, Todd 1626 Dunbarton Wynde
Ruck, Randy 1102 Blackthorn Rd.
Rudd, Bill 10 Arrow Head
Russell, Malia 5916 Wood Haven Ridge Ct
Santos, Lou 706 Karly ct
Sarley, John 415 White Heath Rd.
Sauer, Jeff 1606 Victory
Schamel, Monica New Albany, Indiana
Schiller, Kim 4423 Stone Lakes Dr.
Schneider, Ron 101 Frontage Rd. 
Schuenemeyer, Doug 10412 Long Home Rd.
Schulman, Brian 8103 Sycamore Creek
Sellers, Rich 5311 Baywood Dr.
Seurynck 1411 Cross Timbers
Sewar, David 213 Sequoia Way
Shackelford, Mary 8405 St George Ct
Shaufenberger, Kirk 14100 Glendover Dr.
Shepler 5506 Highpoint Dr
Shulak, Tom 1103 Blackthorn Rd.
Sipek, Mark 3108 Widgeon Ave.
Sloss, Sam 2225 Tyler
Smith, Gavin 4404 Rudy Ln
Snedegar, Daphne 8116 Sycamore Creek Dr.
Soards, Marty and Whit 312 S. Birchwood
Spalding, Lyle 5409 Apache Rd.
Spanos 2004 Indian Chute
Spickard, Sharon and Steve 200 Hidden Oak Pl.
Streicher 3249 Ellis Way
Sweeney, Toni 3116 Albans Pl.
Swift, Marti 5711 Moser Farms
Taglieri, Barb 10410 Championship Ct.
Tatum Goshen, Ky
Taylor 7316 Orchard Lake Blvd.
Taylor, Mont 3619 Brookhollow Dr
Thompson, Tom 410 Dorsey Way
Vale, Paul and Jennifer Centerfield, Ky
VanArsdale, Virgil 8460 Vicki Ln
Walker-Armstrong, Bonnie 10202 Springside Pl
Ward, Stephanie 8118 Sycamore Creek Dr
Watson, Stephanie Edwardsville, Indiana
Welch, Janie Edwardsville, Indiana
Wellington, Eric 13102 Spring Hill Way
Welsh, John 1719 Kensington Pl
Wenz, Paul 4206 Briarwood Dr
Wheeler, Ann 411 Hidden Oak Pl
White, Louise 9400 Springmont Pl
Whitney M Young/ Job Corp 8460 Shelbyville Rd
Williams, Ann 1515 Helmridge Ct
Wine, Bill 402 Worthing Ct
Wood, Yandle 3918 Elfin Dr
Wright-Belknap, Alice 1371 S. 4th St
Yaron, Heather 1305 Grassy Fork
Young, CB 10421 Worthington Ln
Zaccagnini, Ray 4817 Fairway Pointe Ct
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